Optimise Warehouse Efficiency to the Fullest Extent

Cutting-edge online warehouse management software.

Warehouse Efficiency

Enhance Inventory Decision Making for Improved Management

Boost your inventory management by ensuring optimal stock levels to meet demand effectively. Harness the power of ERP data to enhance inventory visibility, enabling quicker order placement, reducing excess inventory, and minimising stock-outs.


Setup Shifts in Seconds
Minimise Excess Stock
Prevent Stockouts
Evaluate Scenario Models

Grow Through Smart Supply Chain Planning

workforceX Helps You Win By:

Gain insights into inventory KPIs via a unified dashboard and model the effects of policy decisions.

Craft Precise and Adaptable Forecasts Using Predictive Analytics.

Effortlessly Generate and Place Optimised Orders with Just a Few Clicks.

Attain Visibility into Bills of Material and Plan for Product and Capacity.

Continuously Monitor and Evaluate Supplier Performance.

Analyse the Ramifications of Supply and Demand Fluctuations

Boost Efficiency & Reduce Process Time

Upgrade your warehouse organisation with the smart double-entry inventory system. Streamline stocking procedures for peak efficiency, enhancing internal operations. Our double-entry inventory solution eliminates the requirement for separate stock Input, output, or transformation actions, as all movements occur between various locations.

Boost Efficiency & Performance

Fuelling Growth With WorkforceX

workforceX accelerates business growth with agile supply chain solutions designed to navigate unpredictability. Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for informed supply chain planning. Anticipate dynamic demand patterns and mitigate supplier risks, ensuring precise product orders, timely deliveries, and optimal fill rates to maximise sales and revenue. Trim excess inventory, unlocking working capital. Foster seamless team collaboration through integrated business planning, streamlining operations for peak efficiency.

Manage all aspects of your leads in a single place.

User-Friendly Point Of Sale

Our POS offers everything your store requires, featuring an intuitive interface suitable for any retail business. Its remarkable flexibility allows you to tailor our POS precisely to your specific requirements. Save time with online payments, and close deals faster with e-signatures on quotations, contracts, and any other PDF. Improve their shopping experience with loyalty programs: points, rewards, and gift cards.
Flexible Invoicing
Integrated Payments
Customer Portal
Subscription Management

Integrated Inventory Management

The Odoo Inventory app seamlessly records every transaction from the POS directly into your stock, ensuring real-time product availability updates without delays. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with Odoo eCommerce, eliminating the need for separate stock setups. This enables you to effortlessly operate as a multi-channel business without any hassle.
Real Time Reports
Inventory adjustments
Delivery Tracking
Product Lead 

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Inventory Controller

Inventory Manager

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