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All-in-one human resources services

Talent Acquisition

Effortlessly monitor key departmental data in a single glance.

Workforce Operations

Effortlessly monitor key departmental data in a single glance.

Recruitment is a Collaborative Effort

workforceX Helps You Win By:

Synchronise your ATS with all other applications to automate updates and eradicate data inconsistencies.

Empower each team to tailor their recruitment procedures while ensuring data integrity and optimising your employees' time.

Department heads, hiring managers, and recruiters all gain effortless access to the essential data and tools they require.

Create robust, tailor-made reports that link your recruitment initiatives to every facet of the employee journey, going beyond standard reporting.

Attract Exceptional Talent

Effortlessly establish a job board to promptly advertise open positions and seamlessly monitor incoming applications. Efficiently oversee and manage your applicant pipeline, enhancing the process by integrating a Survey to create a screening questionnaire that seamlessly links with each candidate’s record.

Optimise & simplify your recruitment process

Revolutionise Your Leave Process

Simplify time-off management: Employees request vacations or sick leave on our user-friendly platform. Managers approve or decline promptly, while automated notifications and calendar updates keep everyone informed and organised. Managing time-off has never been this easy!

Simple requests, swift approvals

Successfully Manage Your Employees

Effortlessly monitor key departmental data in a single glance. Customise information visibility, restricting sensitive data to HR managers while making non-sensitive details, like the employee directory, accessible to all staff. Stay informed with real-time alerts for new leave requests, allocation requests, job applications, performance appraisals, and more.


Revolutionise Your Leave Process


Centralise all your HR information


Track Time & Attendance


Track Time & Attendance


Centralise all your HR information


Recruitment Is A Collaborative Effort


Upload All Receipts Directly To The Expense Record.

Smarter Rostering Solutions

Effortlessly manage your team’s schedule using our intuitive platform. Whether it’s organising shifts, creating customised schedules, or overseeing task assignments, our user-friendly interface simplifies it all. Easily tailor shifts to suit your team’s needs and maintain seamless operations. Gain quick insights into team availability for hassle-free scheduling and efficient task management!

Setup Shifts in Seconds
Group Rosters
Recurring Shifts
Team Availability Management

Track Time & Attendance

Efficiently monitor employee work hours and categorise them by project, client, or tasks. Access statistics effortlessly to document and analyse timesheets, while also verifying individual attendance records. With integrated accounting, reports are automatically generated based on project hours, delivering real-time data insights.

Clock in, Clock Out
Team Notifications
Verified Locations
Text Message Alerts

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